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A QR code, short for Quick Response code, is a type of matrix barcode that contains information readable by scanning it with a QR code reader or a smartphone camera. These codes are composed of black squares arranged on a white square grid, often with smaller squares in three of its corners used for alignment. QR codes can store various types of data such as website URLs, contact information, text, or even commands for specific actions. They are widely used for quick access to websites, product information, event registration, and contactless payments. QR codes offer convenience and efficiency, enabling users to access information swiftly with just a simple scan. With their versatility and ease of use, QR codes have become a ubiquitous feature in our digital world, seamlessly integrating into various aspects of daily life.

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البريد الإلكتروني


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A QR code, a kind of barcode, holds data readable by smartphones or QR code readers. Comprising black squares on a white grid, it can store various data such as web links, contact info, or text. QR codes are frequently employed for swift website access, event sign-ups, or product details. Users effortlessly scan them with their smartphone cameras, instantly retrieving the stored information. Their ease and adaptability have led to their widespread adoption, simplifying information sharing in our digital era.

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